Wooden Deck vs. Concrete Patio: What’s the Difference?

Are you planning to expand your living space to the outside of your home? A good way to do this is by getting either a wooden deck or a concrete patio installed. But, what’s the difference between the two? To help you figure out which one to get, read on to learn more about how they differ from one another.

Weight Support

Before you decide, think about how you want to utilize your outdoor space. Who will you typically invite over? How will you entertain your guests outdoors?

If you’re planning to oftentimes bring a lot of guests over and use heavier furniture and appliances such as pizza ovens and outdoor brick fireplaces, get a concrete patio. They can handle more weight compared to wooden decks.

However, if you won’t be using your outdoor space that much, won’t be inviting many people over at once, or, are just planning to use lightweight furnishings, then choose a wooden deck. This is a good option if you’re planning to occasionally invite a few friends to hang outside and cook on the grill.


Next, consider your landscape. If your yard is on flat ground, get a concrete patio. On the other hand, if the terrain is slightly sloped or uneven, choose a wooden deck. A deck is built to sit a few inches above grade when supported by joists or concrete pillars. Because they are elevated, decks work well on sloped or uneven ground.


Lastly, consider their longevity. Both can last you a long time if they are well taken care of. However, a concrete patio will most likely last longer as this material has higher durability when it comes to withstanding foot traffic, heavy weight, and other elements.

On the other hand, a wooden deck will last long depending on the type of wood that was used and the sealant application. If you don’t mind getting it repaired from time to time, you could still opt to get a wooden deck.

Get Patio and Deck Installation Services With King Kong Concrete

Have you decided on which one to get? If so, contact us at King Kong Concrete. Our team of concrete specialists can install a concrete patio in your home. We also provide stamped or stained concrete if you’re looking to enhance your backyard with more design. Give us a call today!

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